Suchna From Sunday 25th June 2017

Gujarati Homework

This week there is no Gujarati Homework, however assessments continue.

Kendra sports day and picnic extravaganza - 9th july 

To end the 2016/17 Finchley Kendra, we will be organising a Sports Day and Picnic Extravaganza which will be held on the last day of term 9th July. Parents will be welcome to join in all activities, form morning until the end of day. Baal Mandir are invited from 8:45am.

Hayfever Medication

As we plan to use the fields for most of kendra activities, making use of the sunshine, we would like all baalako suffering from hay fever to take medication before coming into Kendra, to avoid missing out on activities.


As the summer term heat approaches, and baalako remove jumpers and put hats on, we'd really appreciate if their cloths have labels on to prevent them from going missing.

Renewal forms

Renewal forms have been sent out for next year. To ensure your baalak is at Finchley Kendra from September, please fill in the renewal forms. The deadline is by the 31st May.

early leavers and absences notices

If your baalak is leaving early or absent, please write to letters; one for their Gujarati teachers and the other for their Dasta Nayak or Nayab.


  • Core Kendra starts at 8.45am this week. 
  • Baal Mandir will start at 10:00am. 

If your baalak arrives late or needs to leave early, please send a letter for the dasta nayak and sign in/out at the choki desk.

If your baalak is absent or leaves early, please bring in 2 notes, one for their Gujarati teacher and one for their Dasta Nayak or email Please include the reason for the absence and your baalak's full name and dasta.

Important Dates for your Calendar

Finchley Kendra

Kendra Update: Sunday 25th June 2017


Today was a good day. Workforce enjoyed playing cricket and Prathna was super loud. Furthermore we found out who the strongest dasta were through a game of competitive tug of war.


Our day started off with all the baalako running around in the playground, playing it and then we did the surya namaskar. The baalako really enjoyed prarthna and were singing really loudly. We have now learnt the whole of fugavaado and they learnt how to play sher bakri, which they want to play again. The baalako's competitive edge was brought out from the obstacle course and all the baalako had a great time. Overall, we had a great day, playing in the sun.

Notice & Letters

The following new documents can be found on the Notice and Letters tab:

- Finchley New Parents Meeting 2016 presentation

- Finchley New Parents Meeting Baal Mandir 2016 Presentation

- New Parents Handbook

- Summer Newsletter