Suchna From Sunday 15th October 2017


Kendra will re-start on Sunday 5th November at 8:30am with breakfast for core kendra and at 11:00am for Baal Mandir. Kendra will finish at 12:45pm and all parents are asked to join from 12:30 for suchna  


This week's Gujarati homework can be found on the Gujarati tab on the Portal. Please follow this link. Baalako will no longer have homework diaries. Should you have any questions, please contact

Please send in water bottle with your baalak, which they can use during gujarati class

If you would like to help during gujarati classes please email


If your baalak would like to play an instrument during prathna please email with their name, contact number and the instrument they play


-White T-Shirt
-Navy blue tracksuit bottoms or jeans
-Navy blue jumper
-White socks
-White trainer 
If you baalak bring in a coat, hat etc please ensure it is labelled with their name 

If your baalak has to leave early or will be absent please email or bring in a note for their gujarati teacher and dasta nayak/nayab. Also, if your baalak is leaving early or arriving late please ensure they sign in or out at the choki desk. 

Notice & Letters

The following new documents can be found on the Notice and Letters tab:

Kendra Update: Sunday 15th October 2017


Today everybody got the chance to explore the theme of pioneering, learning about the importance of determination to make change and get your voice heard. Having just a few hours preparation time over the past few weeks, everyone who performed in our competitive dasta-based baalsabha showed fantastic determination and dastas became really close in taking on the challenge. We also enjoyed an interesting baudhik on karma and had fun in samuh ramat, rounding of a brilliant first half of term! We've also been really proud of how well our nava baalko have integrated into Kendra, and we hope to see everyone back rested for the second half of term with a continuation and a twist to our theme of: 'Where do we come from?'. Watch this space!


On Sunday we began the day with vyayam where we did some stretches. We then sang prathna which was very loud and they now know all the words to asatyo ma and hare krishna. They enjoyed their games session as we taught them how to play langri and after taught them fugavaro in which they came up with actions in prep for their baalsabha. Lastly, we ended the day on a team activity of giant card tower building which they thoroughly enjoyed.

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