Suchna From Sunday 11th July 2017

New kendra nayak - poojaben 

A huge thanks to the Rishibhai, who will be stepping down from the Kendra Nayak role. Poojaben will be taking over from September 2017.

Further Leadership changes

We would further like to thank the following leadership members who will also be stepping down for their contribution over the last year. The new team will be announced in September 2017.

  • Prinaben: Kendra Nayab
  • Sahilbhai: Devchand Gooch Talim
  • Harshivbhai: Dasta Nayak and Nayab Development
  • Ronakbhai: Administration and Marketing
  • Poonamben: Gujarati 

Start of Kendra - 10th september 2017

As we finished kendra for the Summer, we will resume on the 10th September at 8:45am.

Notice & Letters

The following new documents can be found on the Notice and Letters tab:

Kendra Update: Sunday 11th July 2017


We had a fantastic end to summer term. This included one of the loudest prathna session this year and an amazing sports day and picnic. Pictures from the day can be seen below. 

Important Dates for your Calendar

Finchley Kendra