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Year 7

Class Work: 9.12.18

Dictation from pages 91-100
Revision of grammar Singular & Plural continued with the Topic of Home

Home Work due 6.1.19

Answer questions on A4 paper from page 6, change singular to plural of the bold word and rewrite the sentences given in the work sheet

Class Work 2.12.18

Dictation of numbers 1-90

Translation from English to Gujarati (Birthday)

discussed topic of Home

Did pages 1-5

Home Work due 9.12.18

On A4 paper do page 4 , work has been explained by the teacher

Class Work : 25.11.18
Dictation page 71-80
Role Play
Revsion of grammar
Did pages 17,19,20 &21.

Home Work due on 2.12.18
Writea script beetween Hotel Magaer and a customer
Points have been given in the Class

Class Work:18.11.18
Dictation 61-70
Introduce The Topic  Letter Writing School , Revise grammar, opposites p45-47

Home Work due on 25.11.18
Write a letter to the letter about a School Trip arranged by the School, Points have been Given in the class

Class Work:11.11.18
Dictation from page 51-60
Did form filling work sheet given
did page 7

Home Work due on 18.11.18
Complete the worksheet given


Class Work 21.10.18

Dictation from pages 41-50.

Did grammar on tenses.

Wrote about My House

Home work due on 11.11.18

Complete the worksheet given Verbs, adjectives

 Write an email to a Restaurant Manager  about your dis - satisfaction of the service you received

Class Work 14.10.18

Introduced how to write an email


Reading on P59 and answer the questions

Practiced reading on page 61

Home work due on 21.10.18

Write an email to your friends inviting him or her to your house.

Points given

Class Work 7.10.18

Introduced role play and script writing.

Practiced reading on page 61

Home work due on 14.10.18

Write in Gujarati your conversation with a Doctor

Reason for visit

Medication you have to take and how much

When can you return back to School

Parents make sure home work is completed and sign the diary


Class Work:30.9.18

Showed children the picture on p83 and describe about it.

Dictation from page 11-20

Grammar 2nd person singular page 77

Homw Work due on 7.10.18

Complete work sheet given. Re write the sentences correctly

2nd part translate into Gujarati

Class Work:23.9.18


Revsion of opposites

Reading practice and answering the questions

Home Work due on 30.9.18

Write opposites from page 74

Parents make sure home work is completed and sign the diary

Class Work: 16.9.18

Did opposites of page 74,

Grammar, 1st Person past prasent and future tense.

Home work due 23.9.18

Complete page 76  using the words.

Classwork:  9.9.18

GCSE student writing paper 

rest of the class worksheet of Grammar,  and name the rooms and answe what are tehy doing.

Home Work due on 16.9.18

Revise about holidays