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Year 1

YEAR 1A, 1B & 1C

Class Work

Raeding and speaking end of year exams

Home Work 

Revise all the work  for writing and speaking exams teachers have explained to the children

Class Work  on 20.5.18
Listening and Speaking Exams

Home Work due to 10.6.18
Finish pages 1-10 in the book,Words practice 31-60 2 times

Class Work: Revision of alpahbets ka-na, pa,ra
Vowels a,aa,A
Parts of the body,colours in Gujarati,missing letters and numbers

Home Work due on 20.5.18
Revsion of all the above  work done in the class
Parents please note End of Year Exams starts next week. if the child is absent  it will marked as absent. Also make sure they revise the work

Class Work : 6.5.18

Revision of ka-na,ra-pa

Numbers 1-24

Test on words numbers  11-20

Numbers 21-30

song of nani mari ankh

Home Work: 13.5.18

Learn words from list

numbers 21-30

Practice cross words,aath,aag,pug,gan,kaka,kaan,gajar,aaj,

Class Work: 29.4.18
Revision , Crosswords, parts of the body
Names of the colours, 
numbers 11.20 in figures and speak

Home work due on 6.5.18
learn and write words 11-20 from the list
numbers 1-24
Name the parts of the body in Gujarati in the picture given.