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Year 4

Class Work: 16.6.19
Writing Exams
Home Work: 23.6.19
speaking exams, Teacher has given work to revise on the topics

Class Work:9.6.19
Listening Exams

Home Work due: 16.6.19
Learn all the vowels and revise all the work done so far.
Next week writing exams

Class Work:19.5.19
Reading assessment

Home Work due 9️.6.19
Complete work sheets given
Write 2 sentences of each season
Circle odd one out and fill in the blanks

Children must do revision fir rest of the assessment

Children must bring ring binder,A4 pad, pencil case

Class Work: 12.5.19
Revision on grammar, half letter words, opposites,tenses

Home Work due: 19.5.19
Revise topics for speaking test, My Self,Festivals & Seasons,
complete the worksheet given.

Class Work 5.5.19
Spelling test on half letter words and numbers 1-30
Write 5 sentences on elephant and cow
Revision on gender and pronouns

Home Work due on 12.5.19
learn numbers 30-50 for next weeks test
Complete the work sheet given
Read the passage. Fill in the blanks and re write the sentences in English
Children must start revision of all the work for end of term test which starts on 19.5.19

Class Work:28.4.19
Spelling test on half words,speaking practice and revision

Home Work due on 5.5.19
Learn half letters again
Learn numbers 1-30 in words for next week test
Complete teh worksheet given ''correct the sentences''

Class Work:31.3.19
Revision of numbers, and half letters
Speaking practice

Home Work due on 28.4.19
Complete the worksheet given of numbers
Learn half letter words for spelling test

Revsion on my Home,
Discussed project did speaking, revision of numbers,

Home Work due on 31.3.19
Complete work sheet of My Home,
make sentences on using correct gender My house
Learn to speak at home how you help at home.

Classwork: 10.3.19
Revision of tenses Singular, plural and tenses, Write 5 sentences in Gujarati from the words given.
Home Work due 24.3.19
Complete Home Work given on Singular and pLural and tenses.
Learn 5 sentences from the picture given on Diwali and Holi

Class work:3.3.19
Speaking practice by using the picture talk about it
Revision of genders and pronouns

Home Work due 10.3.19
Learn 5 sentences from the piuctures given
Complete the worksheet given '' write correct gender'' of the word and make sentence of given words (use pronoun)
Please help the children at home to speak in Gujarati
parents meeting on 17.3.19. Slip has been given to the children. confirm by 10.3.19 for the attendance

Class Work: 10.2.19
Speaking Test

Home Work due on 3.3.19
Make sentences of first 15 words from page 99. Write sentences on A paper

Class Work 3.2.19
Listening Test
Work sheets done
Make sentences in Gujarati using the correct tense

Home Work due on 10.2.19
Work sheet given - Translate the sentences in Gujarati putting the correct gender and pronoun
Do the worksheet Using the following words to make sentences in Gujarati.

Class Work:27.1.19
Group Reading
Revision fpr the listening test
Write sentences from page 118 & 119 looking at the pictures

Home Work due on 3.2.19

Complete pages 118&119. Write 3 sentence of each picture. work has been explained in the class.

Class Work  20.1.19
Revision on seasons with question and answers for speaking
Introduced Genders,Pronouns

Home Work due on 27.1.19
Complete two worksheets given on Gender

Children must bring ring binder,A4 pad, pencil case

Class Work  : 13.1.19
Showed the clip on festival of Kite
Introduced singular & plural
Discussed about Home Project

Home Work Due 20.1.19
complete 3 worksheets given of Singular, Plural

Class Work  : 6.1.19
Did reading on page 73
Write sentences in English and Gujarati
Discussed on project about My Home

Home Work Due 13.1.19
complete worksheet given on numbers

Class Work  : 9.12.18
Revision of tenses from page 96 & 98
Did page 112 & 114-117
Explained on My House

Home Work Due 6.1.19
Finish page 96&98
Do project on My House and write 5 sentences in Gujarati, for reference see page 112-117


Class Work  : 2.12.18
Revision of half letter
Practiced reading on season in Britian

Home Work Due 9.12.18
Complete the work sheet given, Fill in the blanks with correct half letter word
Answer the questions in Gujarati comprehension 'Seasons in Britain'

Class Work 25.11.18 
Reading on My School and did question and answers.
Did work sheet of seasons
Revsion of tenses

Home Work due : 2.12.18
Complete the comprehension work sheet  and answer the questions in Gujarati
Worksheet of seasons given and the work has been explained.  Write what type of seasons are they using the pictures.

Class Work 18.11.18 
Introduced 3rd present past & future tense
Speaking, Introduced season in India & England
Introduced month in Gujarati

Home Work 25.11.18
Complete Sheet given on 3rd person tense Explained in class

Finish any remaining Home Work

Class Work 11.11.18

Revsion on 1st person Singular

Introduced  2nd person singular

Worksheet given

Speaking Practice on My House

Home Work due on 18.11.18 

Finish 2 Work sheets given

All the work has been explained in the class

Class Work 21.10.18

Did half letter words

Introduced opposites from p 105-106

Introdued topic MY Self.

Home Work due on 11.11.18

Finsih worksheet given about Myself and tenses

Finish the worksheet given of filling in the blanks & half letters

Class Work 14.10.18

Introduced Past and Future tense

Did topic on My House from page 112-113

Showed clip on Navratri

Home Work due on 21.10.18

Complete the worksheet of grammer, past present & future tense

Do question 1 from page 112 and complete page 113 fom the workbook

Class Work 14.10.18

Introduced Past and Future tense

Did topic on My House from page 112-113

Showed clip on Navratri

Home Work due on 21.10.18

Complete the worksheet of grammer, past present & future tense

Do question 1 from page 112 and complete page 113 fom the workbook

Class work : 7.10.18

Reading practice 45 & 118

Writing practice on page 118

Gave a worksheet adding words

Home Work due on 14.10.18

Complete page 45 and the worksheet of verbs given

Class Work: 30.9.18

Revision of vowels and present tense

Home Work due on 7.10.18

Write 5 sentences using the verbs given and make 5 sentences using verbs of your own choice.

Complete the work  sheet given of fill in the blanks with the correct word.

Children must bring A4 pad, ring binder, pencil case

Class work : 23.9.18

Revision of vowels aa,e,ee,o oo

Practice in reading from pages 65,66,79 &80


Homework due on 30.9.18

Complete the worksheet 

Children must bring ring binder, pencil case




16.9.18, Class Work

Revison of vowels e & ee

Revision of numbers , reading and writing practice

Home Work Due : 23.9.18

Complete the work sheet given of vowels e & ee

 Bring ring binder and stationary

Classwork: 9.9.18

Revision of alphabet and introduction of half letters .

Homework due on 16.9.18

Write 5 words from each vowel

Children must bring Ring Binder folder plus pastic wallets to put tHEIR work and pencil case