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Year 4

Reading and speaking end of year exams

Do revsion for writing and speaking exams for next Sunday

Class Workon 20.5.18

Listening Exams


Home Work due on 10.6.18

Revsie all the topics My House,Festivals,Myself,Seasons,grammar

Numbers in words upto 50

Preapare for reading and speaking exams

Class Work 13.5.18

Revision of grammar Nouns,verbs,adjectives,adverbs

Went through all the topics

Home Work due on 20.5.18

Revise all the topics, My Self,My House,My Family, Festivals, numbers upto 50 in words and Grammer

Parents make sure children do  revision for end of year exams, next week is Listening and speaking 

Class Work 6.5.18

Revision of vowels,topics

Home Work due on 13.5.18

Learn spellings for the test .

Make sentences from the words given

2 work sheets are given , Revise all

Start revisoin for end of year exams

Class Work 29.4.18
Spelling test of the words
Comprehension from page 150(clever crow)
children read in the class explained the meanings of the sentences in English, answer the questions

Home Work due on 6.5.18
Gave the words for the test to revise and make sentences of the word
2 worksheets given for the practice page 93 & 94

Class Work: 22.4.18

Test on numbers 21-30 in words, 
Reading comprehension of Sour Grape
children read and was explained in English

Home Work due on 29.4.18
Spelling printed sheet given, revise for next week test
Write 5 sentences of their own on their favourite fruits
E.G have been given and work has been explained