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Year 6

 Class Work 10.6.18

Reading and speaking exams

Home Work 

Do revision for writing and speaking end of year exams for next Sunday

Class Work 20.5.18

Listening Exams

Home Work due on 10.6.18

Do revision for speaking and reading exams

For writing revise on Daily routine,festivals and all the work learnt this year.

Class Work 13.5.18

Revision of the topics shopping,sentences, singular,plural

Facilities in local Area,Home & School,Reading Practice

Vocabulary practice

Home work due on 20.5.18

Write in Gujarati 8 sentences of the facilities 

Practice vocabulary

Re arrange the words to make correct sentences fronm page 70

Please parents make sure children revise for the end of year exams . Next week is Listening and speaking exams

Class Work: 6.5.18


10 sentences on My Self,My Family & My Home

Home Work due on 13.5.18

Make 10 sentences on My School

Finish the work on Nouns, Adjectives & Verbs


Class Work 29.4.18
Revision on grammar using the correct words

Home Work due: 6.5.18
Read the passage and answer the questions on my house on the worksheet
Do page 55 
Do work sheet of choose the correct word and answer in English

Home Work on 22.4.18

Correction of the common mistakes

Revision on tenses, opposites

Home Work due on 29.4.18

Using adjective make 5 sentence - change to different tenses