Kendra Updates

KENDRA UPDATE: Sunday 15th September 2019

56 new baalako joined us today for their first ever day at Shishukunj. Our new baalako learned some classic Shishukunj games and made music out of buckets, pencils and dandiya in a 'stomp' session. They've already made new friends and were sharing their things and teaching each other new games all day.

Our older baalako also had a brilliant day - Shishugooch made puppets to enact human evolution and Gandhigooch made shelters out of rope and tarpauline, fit for real humans to sleep in.

KENDRA UPDATE: Sunday 8th September 2019

This week we welcomed back our baalako for the first day of term. We started the day by sitting down to eat breakfast together, prepared by our tireless ShiPA team. Baalako also met their new Gujarati teachers and got back into the swing of Kendra with a high-energy prathna session.

We spent most of the morning on the fields in the sunshine, getting to know our new dastas, swapping stories about our summer holidays and playing fast-paced gooch games. Baalako managed to keep up their effort and energy all day and our new term is already looking fantastic!