Kendra Nayak

Name: Atishbhai Nagaria
Age: 26
Role: Leader of Centre
Aim: Create a vision for Kendra, communicate that vision effectively across the organisation and deliver that vision by using all the resource available. 
  • Ensure all key stakeholders of Kendra understand what we are trying to achieve and how they can support.
  • Mentor the 18+ age group, maximise the senior resource available and bring old volunteers back in.
  • Have complete knowledge of anything planned for Kendra (from Leadership, SS or EC) and ensuring they are suitable for our baalako.
  • Run regular Leadership, Senior and Parent Meetings to keep everyone updated.

Kendra Nayab

Name: Snehalben Shah
Age: 26
Role: Deputy Leader of Kendra
Aim: Ensure the development 
and engagement of our workforce and baalako and drive the Kendra vision through the activities that we give our baalako. 
  • Knowing the 14-18 year olds on a personal basis, be their first port of call and work on their development.
  • Ensure the activities at Kendra are challenging, engaging and exciting.
  • Working with Kendra Handlers on a weekly basis in terms of the logistics of the timetable.
  • Ensuring the Kendra Handlers are aware of each activity in detail, reasons behind the activities, aims and objectives, and general logistics i.e. timings, areas, handlers, wet weather plans etc.
  • Drive the Kendra Handlers to take ownership of Kendra.
  • Responsible for ensuring the term’s aims and objectives are being me

Special Needs & Indu Gooch Coordinator

Name: Naraben Vasa
Age: 24
Role: Special Needs Coordinator and Leader of the Indu Gooch programme. 
Aim: Ensure baalako with special needs or who are disengaging at Kendra are supported and encouraged to participate in the most appropriate way. 
Coordinate and support previous Baal Mandir baalako with the transition to main kendra.  
  • Understand the baalako who match this criteria.
  • Advise and provide training to the Baalako Welfare Portfolio on the best way to support these baalako. 
  • Catch up with the parents of these baalako in terms of initiatives currently being used at School or outside of Shishukunj and see if we can bring them to Kendra. 
  • Oversee Indu Gooch social, physical and cultural development.
  • Oversee the activities organised and handled by the portfolio.

ShiPA Coordinator

Name: Mehulbhai 
Role: Finchley Kendra Lead of the Shishukunj Parents Association
Aim: Lead the organisation and management of Parent support at Kendra.
  • Parking, Choki and Nasto Support.
  • Gujarati Helpers – Support in the Gujarati lessons.
  • Engagement – Engage the old and new parents that we have to volunteer. 

Devchand Talim Coordinator

Name: Reeyaben Shah
Age: 21
Role: Lead the Talim (Training) for our 12 - 14 year olds
Aim: Get the baalako bonding together, introduce the baalako to what Shishukunj is and start to develop a skill set which they can apply when they get to workforce. 
  • Coordinate with the Harrow Kendra Devchand Talim Coordinator to ensure consistency between both Kendras as per the Baalako Development Plan.
  • Devise a plan for the year in terms of the content that will be covered and who will handle the sessions - ensure there is an appropriate balance of practical and theoretical sessions. 
  • Contact handlers (including Karyakars and Senior Talimi Karyakars who do not come to Kendra regularly) and ensure you review their sessions before delivery at Kendra. 
  • Ensure the gooch is ready to enter the workforce. 
  • Coordinate and run (with the Harrow Devchand Talim Coordinator) the bi-annual Talim Initiation Weekend in terms of content and delivery. 
  • Fill out a handover document for the next coordinator so they knows what content the gooch has previously covered to aid them with planning. 

Communication, Administration & Baalako Safety (CABS) Coordinator

Name: Sunitaben Mehta
Age: 21
Role: CABS Coordinator
Aim: Manage the communication and administration procedures at Kendra and ensure the safety of our baalako at Kendra.

  • Manage and maintain the email. 
  • Ensure  first aid, DBS and safeguarding processes are implemented well and work for Kendra.
  • Maintain Parent and Workforce Portals and E-Suchna.
  • Maintain and update our Shishukunj database to ensure accurate details are recorded.

Gujarati Head Teacher

Name: Hasvinaben 
Role: Head Teacher of Gujarati at Finchley Kendra
Aim: Responsible for the internal organisation and management of the Gujarati classes at the school and the direction of how we deliver Gujarati as an organisation.
  • Manage Gujarati Teachers and Helpers in terms of their plans and delivery, but also their welfare. 
  • Support the GCSE class in terms of their studies and signing up for exams. 
  • Create and implement new Gujarati initiatives.
  • Discuss with the Kendra Nayak baalako who are disinterested in Gujarati and what the action should be.