Kendra Nayak

Name: Poojaben
Age: 25
Profession: Pharmacist
Role: Leader of Kendra
  • Kendra direction and leadership
  • Conduit between executive council and relevant portfolios
  • Support leadership team

Kendra Nayab

Name: Ektaben
Age: 23
Profession: PhD Student

Role: Deputy Leaders of Kendra
  • Maintaint quality standard on kendra 
  • Portfolio allocation and development
  • Portfolio meeting
  • Lead reflection session
  • Weekly kendra activites 
  • Termly kendra plans
  • Coordinate and plan training to enhance and develop the skills of the workofrce and improve the quality of kendra
  • Session review and feedback\

Baal Mandir Coordinator

Name: Aarthbhai
Age: 24
Role: Leader of the Baal Mandir programme (Baalako aged 5)
  • Baal Mandir introduction
  • Oversee Baal Mandir term and weekly plans
  • Baal Mandir parent management
  • Kendra integration

Administration and Marketing Coordinator

Name: Surajbhai
Age: 22
Profession: Pricing Analyst
Role: Administrative and marketing duties on Kendra
  • Ensure accurate database (inc. registers, early and late lists)
  • Maintain parent and workforce portals
  • e-Suchna
  • Sadhan and Safai at Kendra

Devchand Gooch Talim / Dasta Nayaks & Nayabs Coordinator

Name Sajniben
Age: 24
Profession: Trader
Role: Training coordinator for 11-13 year olds
  • Coordinate and plan training for the 11-13 year olds
  • Session review and feedback
  • Prepare the 11-13 year olds to join the workforce
Role: Lead and support Dasta Nayaks and Nayabs
  • Support dasta nayak and nayab development
  • Support training of key skills to manage and look after baalakk
  • Support the preperation for parents day
  • Improve the relationship between dasta nayaks/ nayabs and workforce

Gujarati Coordinator

Name: Hasvinaben
Role: Lead Gujarati Classes
  • Lead the education of Gujarati on kendra
  • Lead Gujarati teachers
  • Parent calls for attendance and progress
  • Coordinate with admin lead for absence letters/ phonecalls

SHIPA Coordinator

Name: Rinaben
Role: Lead the parents group
  • Choki parent allocation
  • Parking
  • Fruit and Nasto 
  • Parent Sessions
  • Marketing coordinatior