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Year 5

Sunday 17th October 2021

  • Went through the homework, did corrections of the assessment done last week
  • Introduced half letter words from VarnParichay book page 9 Q2E
  • Finish all the homework which is incomplete, do the corrections
  • Write numbers 21-30 in Eng -Gujarati
  • Do pages 6-11 write and copy the words, work has been explained
Sunday 10th October 2021

  • Assessment of words
  • Speakiung Practice
  • Introduced Festival Navratri, What do you do, wear Indian clothes, play dandiya
  • Do Arti, Prashad
  • Write 5-10 sentences in English about Navratri and prepare to talk in English
  • Revise for assessment for next week
  • Parents, please sign the work once the child has done

Sunday 3rd October 2021

  • Practiced speaking: made sentences
  • Assessment of all the alphabets in Gujarati
  • Vocabulary on Myself
  • Practice alphabets,
  • Make 8 sentences in Eng to Gujarati using the vocabulary given on Myself
  • Bring you exercise books, pen, pencil and Gujarati SKLP book those who have .

Sunday 26th September 2021


Translate Daily routine sentences in Gujarati

1) I wake up at 7 am in the morning.
2) I do my breakfast at 7.30 am.
3) I go to school at 9 am.
4) I come home at5 pm.
5) I do my homework at 7pm.
6) I do my dinner at 7.30pm.
7) I go to sleep at 9.30pm


1)Using given words and days of the weeks , write 7 sentences on weekly activity.
football- pagdado, music- sangeet, To go to swimming- tarwa javu, To go for a walk- chalwa javu, To go totemple- mandire javu, rest- aaram karwo, shishukunj-shishukunj.

Ex- a)Somware hu pagdado ramwa jaav chu.

2) Learn alphabets and vowels for reading, writing, speaking and listening assessment.

Sunday 19th September 2021

  • Topic Daily Routine
  • Vocab Used- Ghadiyal, samay, second, minute, hour, small hand, big hand, o`clock, quarter past, half past, quarter to etc
  • Verbs- To wake up, to bath, to get ready, to go to school, to have breakfast
  • Write 10 sentences in English about Daily Routine
  • Write numbers 1-20 in English & Gujarati

Sunday 12th September 2021


  • Holiday discussion
  • Revison of alphabets,sounds,numbers days of the week
  • Daily Routine

  • Write alphabets and sounds in Gujarati-English
  • Write in English and Gujarati days of the week
  • Parents, please make sure balakooo bring SKLP book next week, plastic wallets, A4 lever arch file, A4 pad. If do not have a book level 3 please send a note to the gujarati team