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Year 1B

Sunday 17th October 2021

    • We learnt to write K, -ક  kh-ખ  and g-ગ
    • Then we played a game and leant to write the numbers 1, 2 and 3.
    • We finished the lesson with a short story.

    • Children have to draw and decorate a divo for their homework in preparation for Diwali.
    • Parents please send exercise book, pencil, pencil colours
    Sunday 10th October 2021

      • In the lesson children wrote the first letter  Ka -ક in the Gujarati on the work sheet
      •  wrote the first 2 numbers in Gujarati. 1 -૧  2 -૨
      • They listened to the story of Navratri. 
      • Write Ka and number 1 & 2 in Gujarati 5 times each.
      • Parents please make sure baalako bring their exercise book and pencil every Sunday.
      Sunday 3rd October 2021

      •  Taught letter ક, numbers ૧ and ૨. 
      • Write  Ka - ક  10  times along with writing ૧ and ૨ 10 times. Also learn to say numbers 1-10 in Gujarati. Make  two words that begins with ક orally