Virtual Kendra

We are glad to announce that we have  launched "Shishukunj - Virtual Kendra" through the Zoom platform. The idea is that we run a few activities each week tailored for each age group which will aim to:
  1. Provide baalako an opportunity to socialise with baalako of their own age.
  2. Continue to develop our baalako holistically through simple and thoughtful activities.
  3. Promote positivity during this time.
The sessions have been running from Sunday 3rd May 2020 and are currently expected to run until the end of July / beginning of August. 

General Structure
The sessions run from 10am - 12pm. 
  • 8.45am         Morning Session (Workforce and 18+ Only)
  • 9.45am         Registration
  • 10am             Vyayam (Wake Up)
  • 10.15am      Introduction, Dhwaj and Prarthana
  • 10.30am      Gujarati (See Gujarati Classwork and Homework to find out more)
  • 11am             Break
  • 11.10am     Gooch Pravruti (See Phoolwadi to find out more)
  • 11.55am     Suchna, Dhwaj and Close
  • 12pm            Reflection (Workforce and 18+ Only)
Our theme this term is Sewa! - charity, service, giving. This term we are trying to help baalako serve their families and communities and bring hope, joy and positivity to everyone around them.

As part of this theme we have been looking at...
  • Appreciating and reaching out to family.
  • Understanding our NHS and Key Workers during this time.
  • Looking at how small acts of kindness can have a lasting impact. 
  • Learning languages and understanding different cultures.
  • Appreciating the small things that we have in life. 
  • Looking at natural disasters. 
Over the next few weeks there will be a lot more to come!
Gujarati Classwork and Homework
  1. Nehru and Shishu
    This week Nehru and Shishu Gooch explored words beginning with the letters  મ, ગ, ન and જ. They also learnt how to write these letters. For homework baalako were asked to draw a word they learnt from each of these letters. 

  2. Giju and Gandhi
    This week Giju and Gandhi Gooch looked at the different colours of the rainbow. For homework baalako were asked to try and recite the Gujarati alphabet as fast as they can and to try and make a reverse rainbow using the instructions found here.

  3. Subash
    This week Subash Gooch looked at singular and plural words. They will be expanding on that this week so please get the baalako to review what they learnt. 

  4. Devchand
    This week Devchand Gooch were exploring different types of Houses. Please see the presentation and vocab learnt here